Wholesome Living Live Blood Cell Microscopy


Live Blood Microscopy


If you could view your health from the inside, what would you do differently? 


Live blood microscopy is an educational and nutritional assessment tool which may reveal key information about the internal terrain of the body that either protects us or leaves us open to the development of degenerative conditions.  

This is done by taking a drop of blood from your finger and viewed under a dark field microscope at over 1000x magnification. As this is being done, you will be able to see it on a screen while I explain and answer any questions.  The analysis allows us to look at the root causes that may lead to issues and symptoms (e.g. fungal, pathogens, lack of antioxidants, digestive disturbances, toxicities etc.). 

This can reveal over 50 aspects of health such as:

  •  pH of the body 
  • the condition of red blood cells
  • liver, kidney, heart, lung, uterine, prostate and other organ stress
  • blood coagulation
  • excess proteins and undigested fats
  • hormonal imbalances
  • low oxygen levels and poor circulation
  • certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies 
  •  strength and condition of the red blood cells 
  •  immune system function
  •  poor digestion
  •  organ stress
  •  presence of heavy metal toxicity in the body
  •  inflammation

This assessment is NOT a tool used to diagnose or treat disease. As mentioned, this is performed for educational and nutritional purposes only. 


What to expect

1. Email to book an appointment reesanutrition@gmail.com

2. Fill out the three forms and email to the address above if possible or bring with you to your appointment.

3. Fast for at least 3 hours before your appointment and drink 3 glasses of water. You may use the bathroom as needed. 

4. Prior to doing the assessment we will address concerns and get to know what your goals, get to know you and go through your intake form. 

5. During the assessment, a lancet is used to obtain one drop of blood and it is placed on two slides to do a Live Blood Analysis as well as a Dry Blood Analysis. 

6. During this time, we will look at the slides together on a screen and provide recommendations to improve your nutritional status. 

7. If needed, nutritional consultations can also be scheduled, and a plan of action will be discussed. 

8. In order to track your progress a follow up appointment is scheduled if required. 

About Live Cell Microscopy

Your bloodstream transports oxygen and other essential agents to maintain the health within your body.  It is a means for detoxification by bringing waste to the liver and kidneys to be eliminated.  As a result it is able to indicate imbalances before symptoms appear.  

A Darkfield Microscope is used to look at a live blood sample and observe conditions that are not visible through regular testing methods.  Using the Darkfield Microscope at various magnifications allows a practitioner to view the shape and function of blood cells, platelets, metabolic by products and pathogens eg. micro-organisms.  Distorted red blood cells can show nutritional deficiencies, oxidative damage or fungal and bacterial forms throughout the sample.